LAZER TEAM  |  Opening Sequence & Main On End Title Production

We were approached by Austin-based, content-creating behemoths 'Rooster Teeth' to concept, design, and produce the opening sequence and the end titles for their first ever feature length film, LAZER TEAM. Working closely with director Matt Hullum, we established an aesthetic unique to the film's tone, combining found imagery and footage in the opening sequence montage and then integrating the alien language and color palette from the film into the end titles sequence. And full disclosure here, animating to a 'Bare Naked Ladies' dub-step track was a dream come true.

Role: Concept, Design, Illustration, Storyboard, Animation, Production  |  Client: Rooster Teeth Films  |  Director: Matt Hullum  |  Animation: Jordan Scott, Danny Delpurgtorio, Vance Reeser

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