AVENGERS: AGE of ULTRON | Main On End Title Sequence Pitch | BLUR Studio
  AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2  |  MARVEL |  Blur Studios  |  Concept designs for the main-on-end title sequence
 JEM and The Holograms | End Title Sequence Concept Designs | Greenhaus Studio | Style A:  This is the CORE of rock. Grunged-up but sophisticated, dirty but classy, this title sequence screams originality, just like our ladies do.
 SCOUTS vs. ZOMBIES | Greenhaus Studio | CLAUS was approached by Greenhaus to come up with some style frames for the upcoming film 'Scouts vs. Zombies,' a raucous ninety minutes of sheer pandemonium. They wanted 'the 90's meets Zombies meets Social Media.' This is what we gave 'em. This direction was UNCHOSEN.