SNL: WEEKEND UPDATE  |  Visual Creatures  |  Ryan McNeely at Visual Creatures came to me to lend a hand in designing the new intro to SNL's iconic 'WEEKEND UPDATE' portion of their broadcast. We knew it had to stay classy and simply, but needed to address the process to creating the show. I came up with the concept of using proof-reading marks to add a human touch to the black, white and red look approach. 
 'The Book of Life' Characters  |  Fandango  |  Fandango approached me to illustrate a few 'SQUINTS' style versions of the characters from 'The Book of Life.' I've got an affinity for this film, as we created the end title sequence for it, so I knew I had to do Jorge Gutierrez and Sandra Equihua's character designs justice. 
  FORD  |  Brand New School NY  |  Jonathan Notaro at BNS NY approached me to chip in on some pitch frames for the new FORD F-150 spots made famous by Denis Leary's killer voice work and Ford's no-nonsense stylistic approach. These new spots were to go further into the graphic realm for which the campaign was already known for, but this time introduce actual characters, which previously hadn't really been explored. Ford chose this direction, with the massive-bodied and tiny-head dudes I love to draw, and for that, I am eternally grateful.
 Virgin Hotels  |  Client : Not To Scale  | CLAUS was asked to chip in character designs and background paintings for the always sleek, sexy, and sophisticated Virgin brand.
 US CELLULAR | Vitamin Pict
  Airborne |   Brand New School LA
  CITI Bank | Brand New School 
 ROME | Mirada Motion Theory
 HOT WHEELS | Brand New School 
  SONS of ANARCHY | Laundry
 ELOQUA | Jess3