LAZER TEAM  Intro Sequence | Design, Animation, and Production  CLAUS was approached by Rooster Teeth in Austin to design and animate an opening sequence that could lay the foundation for the film's story to follow. We collaborated with director Matt Hullum to bring his vision to fruition in this minute and a half motion graphics sequence.   CREDITS Director: Matt Hullum Animation: Vance Reeser, Jordan Scott  
   SNL: WEEKEND UPDATE  Opening Title Sequence  |  Design      Ryan McNeely at Visual Creatures came to CLAUSie to lend a hand in designing the new intro to SNL's iconic 'WEEKEND UPDATE' portion of their broadcast. We knew it had to stay classy and simple, but needed to up the anty, to evolve the show's look, and to fit into their identity package. We're so incredibly proud and honored to contribute to one of America's most beloved late-night institutions.     CREDITS Client: Visual Creatures Director: Ryan McNeely Animation: Jordan Scott
  THE BOOK OF LIFE  Main On End Titles | Concept, Storyboards, Design, Animation and Production  CLAUS was approached to take Reel FX's second animated film's end titles from concept to completion during a two-month production schedule. With the watchful eye of director Jorge Gutierrez and seasoned art director Paul J. Sullivan, CLAUS implemented the film's lush palette and refined character designs into a stylized, minimalist design aesthetic in order to appropriately compliment the film in this two and a half minute animated sequence.   CREDITS: Client: REEL FX and FOX Animation: Byron Slaybaugh, Justin Demetrician
  OFFICER DOWNE   Intro Sequence  |  Illustration and Design  CLAUS was approached by Visual Creatures to illustrate a concept for the indie Image comic book film 'Officer Downe.' It's a dark, gritty, hyper-sensationalized and graphic film and we thought the intro might be a way to tie it all into the origin of its conception, the graphic comic format. We pitched that direction, it was chosen, and away we went! We drew 30 illustrations in a two week span and Visual Creatures animated them using a combination of cel and After Effects.   CREDITS:  Client: Visual Creatures Director: John Cranston
  THE BFG  | Main On End Titles Pitch Designs |  Unused concept work for the end title sequence of The BFG. Typesetting Steven Spielberg's name was an out of body experience.  Client: Greenhaus GFX
  ALICE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS   Main On End Titles  |  Pitch Designs  We pitched on the end title sequence for Alice Through the Looking Glass with our good friends at Blur Studio in Culver City. We channelled our inner Mary Blair, the original concept artist and Disney Legend behind the animated film's iconic look, and set to create a direction that harnesses the whimsy of the story that started it all.  Client: BLUR Studio
  AGENT X   Opening Titles Pitch  |  Design  CONCEPT 1 - Film noir meets James Bond in a striking and timeless title sequence setting up the tone of the mysterious 'Agent X.'  Client: Greenhaus 
 ROOSTER TEETH Film Logo | Animation/Design: Danny Delpurgatorio | As part of our work on LAZER TEAM, we were tasked with coming up with a logo animation for Rooster Teeth to put before the film. The director, Matt Hullum, wanted something that incorporated a few of RT's biggest properties into the formation of their striking logo. 
  AVENGERS 2: AGE OF ULTRON   Main On End Titles Pitch  |  Designs  When BLUR calls, it's usually for an amazing opportunity, and this one was no exception. We came up with a graphic way in which to depict a 'breaking-up' of the Avengers team, all based around fractals and the movement from one space to the next, following our pieces as they build and dissolve our heroes.  Client: BLUR Studio
  AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2   Main On End Titles  |  Concept and Design  Working closely with Jenn Miller at BLUR, we concepted and designed what would become the final end titles for 'AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2.'   Client: BLUR Studio
  MISS PEREGRINE'S HOME FOR PECULIAR CHILDREN   Trailer Logo  |  Development and Design  CLAUS was contacted by the good folks at Greenhaus to chip in on a few logo concepts for the upcoming Tim Burton film. We whipped out the pencils and paper, markers and brushes, and here are the results!   Client: Greenhaus
  ANT-MAN   Main On End Titles Pitch  |  Design  CLAUS was approached by the fantastic folks at Greenhaus to chip in a few concepts for the upcoming flick 'Ant-Man.' We executed three concepts, each based upon the themes and feel of the film, which we had the esteemed pleasure of seeing before its release. None of these concepts were chosen, unfortunately.   All Artwork Property of DISNEY and MARVEL.   Client: Greenhaus
  SCOUTS GUIDE TO THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE   Main On End Titles  |  Concept and Design  CLAUS was approached by Greenhaus to come up with some style frames for the upcoming film 'Scouts vs. Zombies,' a raucous ninety minutes of teenage splapstick and macabre-infused undead pandemonium. They wanted 'the 90's meets Zombies meets Social Media.' This is what we gave 'em. We thought this direction was unchosen, and then we saw the titles recently and realized that they did indeed go with this direction!  Client: Greenhaus
  JEM and THE HOLOGRAMS   Main On End Titles Pitch  |  Design  Style A:  This is the CORE of rock. Grunged-up but sophisticated, dirty but classy, this title sequence screams originality, just like our ladies do.    Client: Greenhaus
  MR. MAGORIUM'S WONDER EMPORIUM   Opening Titles  |  Concept and Design  Our first ever title sequence! Still the fondest of memories with this piece. We watched the film 3 times before we even started designing and it was a HUGE HELP in getting the tone right. An opening sequence must hint to the film's overall story and not give it away, and I feel we accomplished our goals with this one. One of my faves.  CREDITS Client: Reel FX Creative Studio Director: Danny Delpurgatorio Animation: Rob Foster, Deva George