AVENGERS: AGE of ULTRON | Main On End Title Sequence Pitch | BLUR Studio
 'AGENT X' | Opening Titles for Crime Drama on TNT | Greenhaus Studio  -  CONCEPT 1 - Film noir meets James Bond in a striking and timeless title sequence setting up the tone of the mysterious 'Agent X.'
  AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2  |  MARVEL |  Blur Studios  |  Concept designs for the main-on-end title sequence
 ANT-MAN | MARVEL | Client: Greenhaus | Main On End Title Concepts | CLAUS was approached by the fantastic folks at Greenhaus to chip in a few concepts for the upcoming flick 'Ant-Man.' We executed three concepts, each based upon the themes and feel of the film, which we had the esteemed pleasure of seeing before its release. None of these concepts were chosen, unfortunately.   All Artwork Property of DISNEY and MARVEL. 
 JEM and The Holograms | End Title Sequence Concept Designs | Greenhaus Studio | Style A:  This is the CORE of rock. Grunged-up but sophisticated, dirty but classy, this title sequence screams originality, just like our ladies do.
 SCOUTS vs. ZOMBIES | Greenhaus Studio | CLAUS was approached by Greenhaus to come up with some style frames for the upcoming film 'Scouts vs. Zombies,' a raucous ninety minutes of sheer pandemonium. They wanted 'the 90's meets Zombies meets Social Media.' This is what we gave 'em. This direction was UNCHOSEN.