HEY NOW. So, guys, I'm pretty psyched. Ok, not pretty psyched. VERY. Why, you ask? Wellp, because we've got an awesome project in-house that we're handling all the design and production on!

This all is for a film called, wellp, we can't say. But we're designing the studio logo reveals, the opening sequence, and the end title sequence! All three large animated chunks of screen time are being handled by us, and we can't be any happier to lend our voice to the film.

It's a lot of work, but it's work that we're taking great pride in. Working hand-in-hand with the director, we're taking his vision and conceptualizing a direction and currently in the midst of animating said work. 

More updates to follow! Actual updates with some sketches, or designs WIP, or all sorts of other funnness. 



Justin HarderComment