Thank you SDCC!

Year two at the World's Largest Comic Convention is in the books! And, all I can say, or type, is that I'm exhausted in the best way possible. So many new and familiar faces at the booth and I'm so thankful for both! Your gracious words and seeing your faces light up when you see something you like, it means more to me than I can express in the sterile confines of this blog post. Such an amazing community of fans there to see their favorite artists, brands, exclusives, and to just hang out in general. I'm so proud to be a tiny, tiny part of it all in the small press section. Being an avid comic reader since I was 13, this has been a dream come true for me. Onwards and upwards! 

Big thanks to Charles Miller for helping the CLAUS cause out and offering his services for Thursday and Friday. He's got a great podcast called 'Jack Hammer' out now and I drew a fun poster for him, so go check it out HERE.

So! I took a whole mess of photos this year. Starting from the beginning of the con and going to the end, here they are! 

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