The mother of all comic-cons, the San Diego Comic Con, is going down in a little over a month and a half from now, this very moment in time when I'm posting this blog. I mention this today, and take time to write about it, because I'll be sitting behind a booth in the Small Press area for the second straight year, and I'm probably overly excited about it. 

But I love this con, the people, the energy. Up until last year I've only attended as a visitor, wading through the ridiculous throngs and thongs to get to a booth, to see some knick-knack I just had to have, to go to purchase said must-have only to be told that I was cutting in front of the line and that the line started 14 blocks away in a 711 near Padre stadium. 

But that's fine. I didn't need the knickknack, as most everyone there doesn't need half of what they buy there anyway. But that's not the point. The vibe, the people, the costumes, the artwork, the exclusives, the panels, the announcements. 

That's why we're there. We're all there for the sheer scene of it all, to see our favorite artists, talk to our favorites creators, listen to our favorite actors. 

And fortunately, I've been able to swindle my way in the Small Press area for the second year in a row.

SO! The reason for the season. I've been preparing my haul. Righting the ships. Stacking and packing prints. And I've got a list of goodies that I'm printing in small doses as we get closer and closer to the big weekend.

So far, and this is as much for you as it is for me, here's my list of TO PRINT:

Big Lebowski
Bill Murray
Avengers Title Credits Illustrations
New Barn series
Big RIDES poster 18"x24"
Haunted Mansion 
Wreck It Ralph
Poison Ivy
Wonder Woman
Female Thor
Avengers group illustration
Ant Man
Iron Giant
Mad Max

I think that will cover it. Lots to print, lots to sign, lots to bag! Hoping that a lot of folks swing by the table and say hello and grab some goods!

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