Commissions from WonderCon 2015

Greetings and the saluest of tations to ye. How are we? Are we well? Or are we good? I know not the diff anymore. At any rate, I sat behind a table in the Artist Alley at Wondercon Anaheim 2015 this past weekend and had an absolute ball in doing so. 

This is the third year that I've shown/sold in the Artist Alley at Wondercon. All this face to face selling stuff was brand new to me in 2013, when I decided to get a booth and try my had at the convention scene. Wondercon 2013 was my first and I sold eight different prints at my table. I was hooked. Well, at least hooked on the SoCal cons. Shortly thereafter I booked Designer Con and Comikaze and then last year I hit the motherload by landing a table in the Small Press section at Comic Con in San Diego. I've since increased the prints to over 25, with the addition of a children's book, a couple short graphic novellas, and a poster to boot! 

I'm nowhere near where I want to be, but seeing the table this year, I definitely feel I'm on the right track, if there's such a thing in the convention circuit. Here's a picture of the table this year! 

Nevermind all the stuff behind the table. I now realize this picture kind of stinks. But you get the point. Flat lighting, weird angle. Let's move on?

SO! A ton of familiar friends came by and a lot of new friends swung over, too! I don't think I've ever had as many cool folks take time out of their con to chat EVER! I cannot stress how great it is to meet so many interested and passionate people and that we bond over art and comics and design. Plus, on the whole, the people that stop by have nice things to say about the stuff I'm showing, so that's very cool, too.

And definitely had more commissions this year than in year's past. I decided to add a larger size option to the mix, an 18"x24" option that I priced a little higher than the standard 9"x12" option. And folks dug it!

I drew with a Copic marker and a Prismacolor Chisel Tip Pen/Marker on the big ones. I had to loosen up each morning, but for the most part, I was really happy drawing at such a large size again, which I hadn't done in years. Maybe since art college. I don't know, really. 

Here are some pics of the majority of the commissions from this year's extravaganza!


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