HELLO! Wow. I had the best time ever yesterday, the day of yester, and I will now tell you about it. There's a website and brand and culture called Geek&Sundry and it was made by an actress and on-screen personality and sweet soul and and so-much-more named Felicia Day. They have created a haven for like-minded individuals who love all things cool. It's an online site, obviously, but they're extending and branching out into all forms of entertainment and media, and with Felicia at their head, they've got an amazing thing going.

Last year I received an email from one Annie Liu at Geek&Sundry about doing an upcoming poster design for their booth and events at San Diego's Comic Con. I, of course, accepted, and we ended up making a poster together that I'm very proud of, and I think fans dug, as well. 

And now to the reason of this blog-posting! Day of Yester I was asked to come into Geek&Sundry's headquarters in Burbank and draw my drawlings LIVE during a 48hr fundraising marathon to help raise money for Lupus Foundation. I was blown away at the opportunity to chip in and lend my time and efforts to aid in such a great cause.

Cannot be more grateful for new friends like Annie and Felicia, who are going above and beyond to help and give back, to use their platform, their microphone, webcams, their VOICE to aid in something bigger. Eliza Dushku even stopped by and chatted and danced with the crew!

I ended up receiving about 13 or so requests, at $100/request!!!! HOW COOL. Here's a snap of me with the gang on the couch here. That's me on the left, being super anti-social because of all the doodles I was being asked to bust out!

Kinda caught Felicia in a half-face there, sorry about that. 

If you haven't donated yet, do so!!! They're going until 5PST today, March 5th!!! Here's the link :

Their original goal was 20K...They're now at 76k. Incredible. 



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