COMIC CON 2014: Great Success!!

Hello hello! Howdy. Hi. Okay enough of the greetings. Geesh. 

So! We just got back from Comic Con in San Diego, where I tabled in the Small Press section! It was my first time having a table at the con and holy smokes, it was overwhelming. But OH SO MUCH FUN.

I had an absolute blast meeting so many nice people. Seriously, everyone was so nice. What's the deal? I thought I was on Candid Camcorder. Or on that show called Geek'd!, where the guy pops out and tells you that it was all a joke. 

A ton of new faces and friends. Everyone is so happy to be there. So passionate for comics and films and toys. It's such a beautifully pure environment. Where everyone feels safe to be who they are. I absolutely love it.

I'll be applying to the Small Press area next year, that much is certain. Few things in life are, certain that is, and this is one of those. 

Thank you to everybody that came up to my table to say hello!

Here's to many, many more!

Justin HarderComment