Case Study: Amazing Spider-Man 2

Hello again!

I was recently asked to help concept and design the end titles for MARVEL and Sony's film, The Amazing Spider-Man 2. The web-slinger himself! Such an awesome opportunity, and one that I never expected to pop up so hot on the booted heels of the THORSKI work from last year. 

The project came to me through Blur Studios again, with Jenn Miller once again leading the charge. I accepted the gig (I'm not daft) and into the work I went. The director of the film, Marc Webb, had given Jenn some direction for the end titles. It's always nice to have direction from the, ya know, director, so we started with his vision and went from there.

Marvel and Sony have a road map for Spidey in the upcoming films and that road and that map is to involve Peter Parker doing battle with his arch-nemesi, the Sinister Six. So our job for the end titles was to tease the reveal of the Sinister Six through Oscorp files, plans, and digital blueprints. I am first and foremost a fan of Spidey's and of the Six, and I was ecstatic to be chipping in on the design of this direction.

'I don't do 'techy' often, but when I do, I prefer it to be for Spider-Man films.'

Here are a few of the designs I did for this final direction, the one that would ultimately be used as a jumping off point for the end title sequence.

I had a blast with this one. I got to use meaningless HUD (heads-up-display) icons and gadgetry-doo-hickeys, blur the hell out of those gadgetry-doo-hickeys, use LARGE TYPE, use tiny type, insert some atmospheric particles, and above all-else, I got to be vague!! Due to the nature of the concept, of their direction, we were to only tease the various villains from Sinister Six, never fully revealing them until nigh the end of the sequence.

I usually stay in the illustrative world that is the majority of the work on my website, but being able to get outta that box and photo-comp and lay out type was a blessing and I knew I had to push myself to reach a polished finished frame.

We limited the colors to bold, fluorescent hues that were the majority of their marketing campaign, as well as each baddie's costume color. The characters teased above are Vulture (lime green), Rhino (orange) and Doc Ock (tealish green).

After I designed those images I moved onto another gig and was no longer able to aid in the production of the designs with Blur. 

But I just got back from seeing the final product for the first time, and have to say, it was awesome! The film really came together, the effects were incredible and the love story between Peter and Gwen was strengthened. Not to mention Blur's amazing work! The end titles maintained a lot of the wireframe structure that we set up initially, but pushed much further into the 3D, CG realm that I at first concepted. I was blown away. See it in 3D. It's just sickening. So slick and rad.

Kudos to the team at Blur for kicking so much ass! So happy to have been a small part of it. 

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