It's not often that a film comes around and develops a following years after its release, a release that didn't garner much attention, a release that came and went. But this film has stood the test of time. And actually picked up momentum. The film is, of course, The Big Lebowski. I decided to draw some of the characters from the film in a style that I've been toying around with for awhile now. I am intrigued by the costumes in films. The costume designer doesn't get near enough credit, if you ask me. Look at the iconic roles throughout history. More than likely they'll have a character in a memorable getup. 

And Lebowski is by no means an exception. The costumes are iconic. Everything about the outfits are memorable. I love simple. Anybody can make something difficult. Can paint something exactly so. But it takes more time and effort to boil it down it down to simple. Simple is achieved through painstaking hours of making complicated, because it's only after you've been through the complicated can you arrive at the essence of something. 

Admittedly, these silhouettes/drawings could still be broken down further, but to maintain a somewhat reasonably proportional body scale, which was a direction of mine, I needed to maintain certain parameters. I did a Bill Murray piece similar to this, with Bill's outfits from some of his classic films, and I went a bit more stylized. The proportions a bit more cartoony. 

This one's got fairly realistic proportions. I tried very hard to nail it. Some came quick. Others took a little tinkering. 

Regardless, here it  is! Enjoy this and give thanks to the Coen brothers for giving us such a perfect film.

Justin HarderComment