N.O.A.H's 'Black&Whites'

Last night I was watching 'Blackfish' and was floored by the size and sheer awesomeness of the Orca whale. I remember being fascinated by them as a kid. I won't get into how horrible and awful and inhumane and disgusting Sea World is painted, that'll be another blog, but one of the many things that I was totally grabbed by was the color on the Orca whale. The jet black and bright white. Absolutely useless camouflage but undeniably gorgeous. Then I started thinking about all of the other animals of the kingdom that share that palette. 

And I had an idea. Why not draw them as part of a TOP SECRET COVERT TEAM in my property, N.O.A.H.! I've been full steam ahead on making this thing come to life, so why not add some more AWESOME CHARACTERS!

So, last night I sketched a little ditty and then today I finalized it. I give you the 'Black&Whites', (name pending), the most ruthless interstellar space explorers on the ARK 2056X. These folks are the real deal. This team is who Mr. Pounce and Captain Oink turn to in a pinch!

I give you, (clockwise with Orca) Bill, Wreak, Pando, Flappy, Moo, Dot, Strike, Stripe and lastly Chief (The Husky). 


They're a motley bunch but there is no better team to call on when the ARK needs a few helping hands.

Justin HarderComment