SNL - Weekend Update

Here's the entire Weekend Update intro we designed for this year's SNL season. It was a such a quick design gig, I think it was 3 days all together. I concepted for a couple, then the direction was chosen, then SNL sent over footage, I went into Visual Creatures in Santa Monica, picked out stills, designed them all that day, uploaded my PSD's to Dropbox from my home studio, and then a week later we watched them on the Tellie. 

It was a dream come true, just having anything to do with that show. I always wanted to actually BE on the show. I emulated all of the early 90's cast. Farley, Sandler, Spade, Meyers, Carvey, Ferrell. I wanted to try out for it SO BADLY. But becoming a comedian wasn't in the cards, really. Even though I still shoot videos in my apartment, but that's besides the point. 

The point is, I have a studio called Visual Creatures in Santa Monica to thank and give all the props. Do people still say props? IDK, but I guess I do. But, they got the gig and came to me, and I have to commend them on their exquisite taste and choice. Oh my.

They're awesome and they got a badass animator named Jordan Scott to knock it out of the park. It's filthy mcbon-bons and I'm so happy and glad and proud and honored to lend my little design voice to it. 


Justin HarderComment