N.O.A.H. Loading Bay #3

I was thinking about a little comic scene for N.O.A.H. the other day and it involved a cargo/loading bay and the Recon Team's Space Cruiser. I've thus far steered clear of environment designs for the ARK 2056X Spacecraft but decided to give it a shot with this 'loading bay' idea in mind. 

I looked at some reference online to get the general idea of 'loading bays.' Usually they had a lot of criss crossing lattice work, canisters on the floor, numbers on the ground, and wires randomly making their way about the space. I sketched a rough layout and began blocking in the shapes. 

I wanted the language of the Loading Bay inside of the ARK to feel like something we've seen before, but with subtle twists. I decided to add a neon green to Loading Bay 3, maybe each one is color coded per vehicle it houses, or maybe it's absolutely arbitrary. I noticed that once I added the neon green reflective light to the hanging wires they took on the look of vines, which was pretty cool considering the ARK is full of animals.

At any rate, here's the duo of Agent Sly and Agent Coo returning from a quick jaunt around the galaxy, looking for sustainable resources and possible ARK landing zones. 

I tweeted a time lapse of this piece, if you're interested in seeing the process.


Justin Claus HarderComment