Just Drop It

I know you're holding onto it. I can see it there, clutched tightly against your chest. You shield it from our eyes, you turn your back when we catch a glimpse of it, but we know you're holding onto something. 

Let it go. No, don't gimme it, I don't want it. Just drop it. Right there, right where you stand, right now. Drop it on the ground and step away.  

No? You're not ready. Ok, hold onto it longer. Let those knuckles whiten, those muscles cramp. Does it make you feel better, to hold so severely? No, not really. Ah. Why then must you hold onto it? Oh, you're used to it. So, you're used to holding onto that weight, that burden, and you're going to continue to shoulder it. I'm just trying to understand.  

It's so heavy, isn't it? The weight is crushing you. You're shorter than you used to be. I remember you being taller and now your posture, it's slumped. All of this holding is aging you.

How will you ever fly? How will you fly when you're holding and clutching and shouldering? You're strong, I can see that, but nobody's that strong. 

But I get it, so I'll stop. I know, the weight is yours and yours alone.

Well, if that's the case, then stop making it everyone else's, too. 

You've become a real ass lately and we wish you'd just drop it.

We all wish you'd just let it go.  

Justin Claus HarderComment