Hello! I'm posting today to bring you a new project that is very dear to me, something that I've been thinking about for quite awhile now.

It's a familiar concept, to say the least, but done in a brand new way.

I hope you come to like it as much as I've liked making it. I give you... N.O.A.H.

Initially, N.O.A.H. will be a graphic novel and online web series that I will self-publish and sell through my CLAUS store. I've begun developing the full-length animated film, as well. I love this cast of characters, their plight, their mission, their passion, and I hope you will, too. I've got plenty of stories to tell with them and hope you come along for the journey.

It's going to be a fun one.

Here's to the future and 'To boldly go where no animal has gone before!' (Sorry...I just had to.)

Here are the first members of N.O.A.H!

N.O.A.H. Book One is available now HERE for purchase!

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