Latenight in Dallas

This is a true exchange that took place around 1:30 am one late/early morning outside of a drinking establishment night in Dallas, Texas, 2009.

Him: Hey guy, can you drive me home?
Me: Huh-Excuse me?
Him: Can you drive my car home for me? You and your friends?
Me: Nah man, we're good.
Him: You guys waiting for chicks? Where are they?
Me: I don't know.
Him: Yea, where are the chicks? Are they in the bushes? Are the chicks hiding in the bushes? (makes 'here kitty kitty' sounds to the bushes)
Me: (speechless)
Him: Are the chicks in the bushes?
Me: They could be, I guess.
Him: Can you drive my car home for me?
Me: No I can't do that for you.

Justin Claus HarderComment