Hangin' with Justins: That Time of the Year

It's been awhile since we've caught up with the fellas. Over a month, to be precise. So I decided to see what they were up to, and happy to find them, as usual, at differences. I've realized that I like them that way, but also, like them when they're supportive of each other. There's no sense in being angry all the time, no sense at all, as in real life, nobody can be upset all of the time. Actually, some people can, but those aren't the people that I choose to surround myself with, and wouldn't want to surround you with them, either.

This episode catches the guys as they prepare for the fall, which is That Time of the Year. Unfortunately, their idea of that is wherein the argument ensues.

Also, I always try to do something new with the guys, so this time, there's a bit of a behind the scenes conversation that takes place between the two, as if they're aware they've been making the series for three years now.

I appreciate, as a viewer, a little nod of the hat every once in awhile, especially, when it's as blatant as these guys make it.

At any rate, please enjoy, and I hope you like it.

Justin Claus HarderComment