Tiny Doses

At some point soon, I knew I'd actually have to put my pants back on. Hopefully not too soon, though. I was really starting to like this wedding.

The first sign of struggle is always the most obvious sign. After that, the signs get  less and less noticeable.

I wonder if the Lord just called it The Prayer.

I bet it wouldn't be such a big deal to give up your firstborn if you weren't particularly fond of them.

On second thought, let's just stop thinking twice.

If you were to tell me that my pants were too tight, well then you, my friend, aren't my target demo.

I drew a bunch today. Not a lot, mind you, just a bunch. And it had to be drawn, it was way too weird looking.

Ok, fine, I'll leave now. But not before I say some true things that will catapult my character into Act 2, the 'hitting rock bottom' phase of the film.

With the wind loosely blowing the woman's dress about her ample thighs, she's taken to wearing diapers.

It's not so much me as it is...wait, yep, it's me.

I just got this new black hat that makes me feel like returning a new black hat.

At the end of the rainbow, sure there's a pot of gold, but what's at the end of that? Will it ever end, you greedy sonofa!

I used to think go along with the rest, and think that automobiles were the wave of the future. But now, I just drive one to work and wish I was dead.

If everyone just stopped for a second and smelled the roses, boy howdy, there'd be a lot of asses in the air, right.

People complain about everything, it's like just shuddup and stop, like always complaining, oh my gah, it's like, just whatever, complainers are so stupid.

Well coming down off that high wasn't as bad as he thought, thought the boy that thought about how coming down off that high wasn't as bad as he thought.

If loving you is Wong, I don't want to be White. Welcome to the White and Wong nuptials.

Don't get mad at us because you were in OM.

I remember how important it used to be that we worked together to build a balsa wood support system for some dumbbells. Dumbbells are metaphors for people in that scenario.

That game 'Butts Up' got us trained early-on to put our hands against the wall and spread eagle, which we've all used many times since then, so it was a good thing.

There was always that one Dad who took Boy Scouting to the next level. And that level, boys and girls, was the Gay Level.

Some workers were milling about an old empty Blockbuster in my neighborhood this afternoon. I felt like asking each of them if they remembered their card.

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