Day 2 of shooting 'OPEN KIMONO's' New Single, 'Oogling' or 'OTPC'

The time is nigh. It's nigh time. Soon will be the time to post a video for you, a video so entirely wonderful, a video so breathtakingly shot and edited, a video so wholly monumentally neat that the world will stop and take notice. The entire world will put down their things, their jobs, their baies, their copies of US Weekly. They will put all those things down and maybe some other things, too. And the world will watch. The world will watch because it will have no choice. 

Open Kimono is coming. Are you?

All complete nonsensical drivel aside, totally aside, I've joined together with two friends of mine and we've made a band. We might play live one day. We might not. We might be a top seller on itunes. We might not sell a copy. But we're not doing it for fame, riches, fortunes, or money. We're doing it for the love of the music. 

Jeezus. No matter how I start talking about this thing it always turns goofy. Which is a shame, because we're taking ourselves very seriously.

Here are more still from our second and final day of shooting our video. We are finishing the edit now and will be posting shortly. 

Can't wait for ya'll to hear/see it!