Well-Proportioned Female

Here's a sketch of a woman, holding a pistol, wearing clothes fit for battle. I decided to draw a woman in a style I've never seen before. Comic book women always seem to be really ripped, and decently proportioned. One of my favorites is J. Scott Campbell who created Gen 13 along with Danger Girl, and I'd say I learned a ton about drawing the female figure from him and his work. He is by far the best at drawing the comic-book female that I came across when I collected comic books regularly.

And despite what the drawing below shows, I actually did spend quite a bit of time in figure drawing class in college and high school. Since then, I've lost all sense of anatomy, though.

The girl below is rough, but I tried to refine certain parts to make the drawing feel finished. The first version of her (which I choose not to show) was too mundane. All the line weights were the same, which flattened her out and the dynamics of her shape were lost. I went back in, erased some lines and bolded others and she started to feel more appealing.

Anyway, maybe we'll see her again some time, shooting someone or maybe shopping for more concealing garments.