Sketch Friday....

Have some down time from revisions so here come some sketches...Each of these takes about 2 minutes.
Also---Looks like I'll be downloading the CS6 suite this weekend off of Adobe's cloud. The main reason, besides the obvious upgrade, is that while I've been sketching today, I've noticed the clarity of the line is FAR SUPERIOR to CS4, which I've got at home!

This is a big deal, folks!! These figurative drawings are becoming a staple of mine, and I need them as tight and crisp as possible. CS6 is simply incredible.  

I was experiencing BUMPS in CS4! Bumps on the line. That's not good, bumps are never good. 

Anyway, here's Spidey, the LoneRanger (shirtless cause he was gonna be a spandexed superhero until I just put a hat and mask on him) and a couple of women, one sly and sneaky, the other with a gun.