Saturday Night Ride

It was about the time, you see, the time was near and it was close and I knew I had to seize the time and make the most of it. I was excited, this past week, I was energized to draw. I made four new drawings that I became proud of after I drew them. Sometimes I'm not at all proud of the things that I make. You never see those things. I don't show anyone. I hold them close for a few seconds, revel in their absurdity, and then delete them from this world. Forever and ever. Amen .

But I wanted to draw some cars and I wanted to make a piece for the next convention, so I combined the two and here we are. It's called 'Saturday Night Ride.' Three of my favorite comedies. Three of my favorite cars.

I found a few pics of each car on the Googsies for reference and knocked these out in a few hours. Please enjoy.