WonderCon 2013

Hey there, Unknown Reader! How are you? I wish I could hear your answer, but alas, that's not how this works. I can't hear you through your screen, reading this some time in the future. These things, we both already know.

I got out of my comfort zone this weekend and stood in front of strangers wearing costumes and fanboys and fangirls and I stood there and I hoped upon hope that they would come over to me and smile at the artwork I had printed out for them. And I'm pleased to report, some actually did!

I met so many new friends this weekend and had so many great damn conversations on art and comics and movies and the industry. My girlfriend, Mandy, and I braved the absolutely perfect weather in Anaheim, fought our way through the throngs of eager comic and gaming fans to the Artist Alley, where my booth awaited.

This was the first time I've ever done anything like this before, and truth be told, I freaking loved it. Working for clients so much, behind the computer, behind the studio I'm freelancing for, I've not gotten out in front of folks and shown the stuff I've been doing for a living!

Wellp, that all changed this weekend, and I must admit, I've been bitten by the convention bug. Up next is Comikaze on Nov 1-3 in the LA Convention Center, and then the following week at DesignerCon in Pasadena on the 9th-12th. I hope to get a couple more conventions in the meantime, but we'll see. San Diego Comic Con is very difficult to get a table at and I've missed the deadline for registration this year anyway.

I'll have all new prints and drawings and giveaways for Comikaze and Designercon, so make sure to swing by and party for a bit.

Here are some photos, please enjoy responsibly.

And here are some sketches I did while sitting at our booth!