Birthday drawing for Big D

Hello, unknown reader! Thanks for joining me again, as I type in the past and you read in the future, effectively connecting the two of us over time, space, and distance. Today, I'd like to make it short and to the point and just show you a drawing I did recently for my dad, Big D, for the occasion of his 60th birthday. 

I've been buying a series of historical fiction novels for him by Bernard Cornwell that detail the life and times of one Richard Sharpe, a fictional rifleman in the British Army. This was a recommend from a very smart friend of mine so I figured I'd relay the recommend to my father, as I'm not the smartest man in the toolshed and figured he'd get more out of them than I. And for once, I was right. Big D loves these novels. So much so, in fact, that I bought him a few of the DVD's from the 90's, as well as all 19 novels.

But that wasn't enough for Big D's Big 60th. I needed to give more. I wanted to buy him an Alaskan cruise or trip, but it wasn't in the cards this year, so I decided to do the next best thing! Do a drawing for him. And what perfect subject matter than Richard Sharpe himself!

Quick sidenote: my dad used to love when 14 yr-old rew comic-book style women. The curvier, the less-clothed, the better. Know that I took that in consideration when I did the following:

I found reference online for Sharpe's uniform, as well as the pretty young lady he's fighting for. Well, her face and tunic top, that is. I just winged the dress bottom because if I did my job right everywhere else, he wouldn't ever notice the dress. Kidding! 

Anywho, there it is. It took roughly 7 hours from start to finish. I don't do any pencil work on these. I use my Wacom and I just start right in. I'm bound to stay excited through the drawing if I don't know what it is exactly that I'm drawing, and also, if it will even be successful. I've never been one for planning too much of anything in life. It's an awful habit, but one I'm proud of when it comes to my craft. To me, there's something to be said for spontaneity, the unknown, and happy accidents. If I know that a drawing will be successful, I tend to not try as hard on it, to not fully invest myself into it, as it's going to looks good regardless, why spend the time?

Hope you enjoy it! It was a lot of fun to make. OH! And by the by, Big D loved it. I had it printed on Giclee bright white gallery paper at 14"x18". 

Till' next time!