Our society is one of LIKE. Flippant, easy-to-come-by LIKE.We have all grown to be very comfortable with LIKE, haven't we. We see the word written out everyday, along the bottom of every entry in all of our Social Network's Newsfeeds. Four letters feeding our collective hunger for back-patting. 

LIKE is waiting for your click. Just LIKE It. We all want to be liked, so go ahead. Click it already, what are you waiting for? To fall in LOVE? There's no LOVE option down there. Only LIKE. Sure, there's sometimes a heart icon, but that's not LOVE. LOVE is LOVE. A HEART is just a HEART. 

Chances are that LIKE is our generation's single biggest online contribution. Such a simple concept, liking. Loving is more difficult, now isn't it. It's heavy. But LIKE is the breeze. I can't tell you that your picture or post or soliloquy brings me LOVE, but I can tell you that I LIKE it. Is that enough? Isn't that enough?

So, this year, let's all LIKE one another. 

Because, as the Beatles said, 'All You Need is Like.'