Han Solo

My Tuesday Night sketch is dedicated to the man, the myth, the legend, one Mr. Harrison Ford. Here he is as Han Solo. News came out that he might be making a cameo in the new Star Wars film, and I think everyone can agree, that would be amazing.

I sat three people down from him at the bar the other Saturday. Harrison Ford and I, sharing the same beer, Chimay. Not the same beer, like we weren't taking turns drinking out of the same beer, rubbing each other's lightsabers, but we both had a Chimay, get your mind clean.

Towards the end of my drink, I decided to acknowledge him. I gave him a nod and I raised my glass, hoping that Indiana Jones himself would do me a kindness and return my gesture.

He did.

OK, that's a lie. I did sit at the bar near him. He did drink Chimay. I, however, did not tip any glass to him, nor did I try and say hello to him at all. I merely texted everyone I knew, in hopes that they might finally think I'm making connections out here in LA.

The overall majority of them didn't seem to care. Sigh.

Oh, and here's one more sketch for tonight. An athletic girl in black tights.