Case Study: Old vs New

Realized I've not drawn a superhero in awhile, so I thought that I should. Here he is, the Superman. (I used the same clouds I drew in a sketch I did in Dec., but I didn't think anyone would notice, so, don't notice.) 

And I just remembered that I drew him flying in the sky with a flat cape a few years ago, when I first started doing the 'Squints' style of superhero figure. Here's that sketch from 2008, I believe.

It's fun to look at old work and see where I used to be. Like, I actually thought that piece of mule shit above was decent. Back in the day, it made the homepage of a very popular website that plugged my site! OUCH!

Looks like I sucked at drawing hands back then and I'm glad to report that I still suck at drawing them. But, I can draw the hell out of gloved hands, and I don't have a problem with girl's hands, but with dude's hands, it's just a shitshow. Literally, just take some poop and smear it all over their hands and then I show you what that would look like. 

Obviously the proportions of both characters are exaggerated. If you don't exaggerate a drawing, what the hell's the point. I enjoy the smaller heads I'm putting on the guys nowadays, they feel classier. This bulbous head from the older sketch makes me kind of sick to my stomach, tell ya the truth.

The clouds on the old one look like wadded up balls of pubes. They don't belong in the same world as the character. Overall, I'm just really appalled at that illustration.

Where's my cat, I need to punch something.

I love all of you. Be good to each other, I mean, like, REALLY good. You should probably find someone to lick right now.

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