Writer's Remorse

It happens in life. You do something spontaneously that, initially, feels right and good, then you allow for time to grant some perspective on the matter and you realize that you were wrong.

That's how I felt when I re-read a recent posting I wrote entitled 'Take Revenge.'

The story is true. The events are true. But in order to make it more dramatic, I embellished the tone. And that embellishing, that self awareness, that ego that I found in so many sentences of that posting, it's just not me.

At any rate, I was going for a different 'voice' in 'Take Revenge.' Writer's need voices, it's how we distinguish one from the next. And I was trying for an edgier voice than I usually do, one with a bit more cock to it, more balls.

And I apologize.

Stay with me, dear unknown reader. I enjoy knowing that you're out there, reading, watching, being. You may only be a few, but I cherish each and every one of you. I always strive to entertain you, know that. If I'm guilty of anything, it's of trying too hard, to which I will plead the fifth and happily trek my ass to blogger's jail.

I've read a few books on writing and even though the authors viewpoints vary from book to book on structure, they all agree that being honest is paramount when it comes to quality writing.

I will be honest from here on out, kind reader, you have my word.

I will leave the discussed posting up, in remembrance of the meany, hurt-seeking man that created it, knowing that if I am to ever meet that author inside me again, hopefully I'll have a little more control next time.

At the same time, it was a pretty decent tale, wasn't it?