Fox and Bear

Feeling slightly better today and decided it best to start the morning off with another sketch. Here is 'Fox and Bear.' They're travelling many miles together, to find Fox's brother, you see. Bear is his oldest friend. 

You can thank Uncle Remus for putting these two in constant companionship with one another. I've only ridden Splash Mountain a few dozen times. Maybe they're going to find Brer Rabbit for all I know. 

But this piece was to practice lighting and brush combinations. I'm using a few of my faves here, but also using quite a bit of 'Dual Brush' in photoshop. Some trees inspired by Sleeping Beauty's genius, Eyvand Earle. 

I'm not sure this piece is done, but I just got booked on a gig, so it's done for now.

Here's a closeup. I kinda dig the organized sloppiness to it.