Tuesday Sketches

Here's a sketch of some white trees in a coral-colored landscape. The trees cast dark black shadows on the ground. I think I'm going to do a few more of these right now.

If anyone out there has any contacts with boutique hotels or even large hotels like the W, please shoot them my way, I'd love to see something like this inside a lobby, spanning across a 20 foot long wall.

Oops, had to do one more. These are birch trees, you can tell from the black dashes I've applied to their trunks.

Sometimes less is more. I think that's what appeals to me about these two. Shape and color. Sometimes we get carried away with the details in life. We stress over every little goddamn thing, we second-guess ourselves, we don't follow our gut. Guilty as charged. I've been getting better about it, but following your instincts totally, trusting yourself, it's difficult.