Tuesday Sketch

As I sat down today to attend to some freelance art which needed attending to, I got distracted. A noise, faint, far away in the distance buzzed through my open windows.

I knew the sound all too well. And I knew it was too late to do a damn thing about it. I didn't have my shoes on. The noise was growing louder. There was no way I could put them on fast enough, run down the steps, jump in the car and speed away. The ticket was already surely underneath the wiper, smashed against the windshield.

It was street cleaning day. It was 3:30. I was parked on the wrong side of the street. I was ticketed. It was too late.

But it's alright, see, because I love taking money out of my wallet, rolling it into a nice little cylinder, and shoving it directly up the lovely City of Santa Monica's tight ass. I enjoy that action very much, yes, yes, bend over once more and here's more money.

So now that I've dished out my allotted amount of sarcasm for one posting, it's time for a drawing. 
In keeping with the 'red barn in the snow surrounded by black trees'-motif I've been doing lately, here's another, this time from further away and with less trees.

Thanks and good day.

Justin Claus Harder1 Comment