Monday Sketch

I was hiking through some snowy mountains just this weekend and I happened upon a sight in which I decided to not take a picture of, but rather save in my mind's database to draw for later.

I now realize that I've been lying a lot lately. And lies, they catch up with a man. Haunt him. Keep him up at all hours no matter how many more he tells to get out of the initial lies, he just can't escape. So I lied to you back there in that last paragraph. I didn't hike on snowy mountains this weekend. I hate snow because snow signifies cold and cold signifies loneliness and loneliness signifies the sounds of wolves. I don't like any of it. Even though I still think it would be manly to own a wolf and to teach it silly games like 'Kill the Rabitt' or 'Kill the Human.'

Speaking of not barns, here are three barns in some snow with a few over-thought out trees surrounding.

Justin Claus Harder1 Comment