'Toyota' Case Study

Ah yes. Hello hello. It's that time of the week again, that time of the week when I post some artwork from my day job and do some writing about that artwork.

In this week's installation, I'd like to point your attention to a recent pitch that was brought to CLAUS by my fine friends at Brand New School. This came to me on a Thursday and I was to have until Monday EOD to send them over some work. The problem was that I was booked during the day, so I told them I could do a couple night's worth of work and a half day on Sunday. This seemed to be alright for them, we struck the deal and they briefed me. It was like being pantsed, only with less humiliation, being briefed, that is.

This was to be for Toyota and their new policy on User Pre-Owned Certified, basically guarenteeing the quality of the Pre-Owned cars they sell. These were also to be web banners. The Agency wrote some fun, fresh little ditties and sent along to BNS, whom sent to me.

There were 3 scripts I gravitated towards, so I decided to illustrate a hero frame from each. The first one was about a group of animals partying in and around a car in the forest. So the Agency's approach was to show 'Horror' stories of other pre-owned cars. How would you feel if you knew the used car you were buying had a raccon and a bear sexing one another at one point in the back seat?

My uneducated guess is...oddly. You'd feel odd about that scenario having happened in your used car.
When it came down to illustrating this scene, I harnessed the knowledge gained from working at American Greetings for a summer, and I went to work. The following frame is the result.

The Art Director at BNS, Mr. Robert Bisi, enjoyed this frame, told me to run with it for the other scripts I liked, and away I went.

So there it is. I wanted to be sure to and achieve some depth of field in these frames. Afterall, web banners are peculiar sizes, and if they're not adressed accordingly, the web banner is the single most over-looked place on any website. Hell, I've never clicked on one, ever. Unless it was some nudey chick or a jiggley pair of something or others. Kidding. Maybe.

That's why the last 3 frames are horizontal and skinny like that, the size of their web banner is a bit constricting. And I'm aware of the tangents in the super hero fight scene. It's a mess.

But the good news...I think these won them the pitch! So, success was achieved.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for next week's Case Study...Sons of Anarchy!