Case Study

Dearest Return-visitor, how I love you, like, in an actual Loving Way. Thank you for returning again and I hope your days have been pleasant on the whole.

I've been very fortunate to be busy in these summer months so far, knock on wood, and I'd like to share with you some of the results of that busy-ness.  Business. Weird. It's the same way that Business is spelled.

The following frames were created for the amazingly talented and nice folks at Brand New School and for their client, the Georgia Lottery. Or I suppose it was for the Agency's client, the Georgia Lottery, and BNS's client is the Agency. So, BNS is my client, as I serve them, and I'm also my cat's client, as I serve her. Confusing. Is anyone still there? I see a few people, I'll continue then.

The Georgia Lotto had a fun script, one that allowed for plenty of high-jinx and shenanigans. I love both of those very much, as does the Brand New School, so the Creative Director, Mr. Ben Go, informed told me to have fun with robot numbers, so I did. Here is the result of one day's worth of art-making.

The idea here is that Georgia Lotto has numerous games to play in their Lottery contests, and that there are LOTS of winners. There's not just one lucky million dolllar winner, there are 4,700 in one game, 10,000 in another, and then 30,00 in yet another!! They're giving away a lot of money in Georgia, folks. Get there or be square.

So, much of what you see was in the script, except for the Robot 30,000. I think it was supposed to be a monster, and it wasn't supposed to have arms or legs, it's shadow merely fell over the 10,000, which is being hauled around by helicopters. It's all about scale here, folks.

These frames won the job for the BNS! But, after the Agency selected BNS to make the spot, they had to show their client, the GA Lotto. Wellp, cue the Imperial March music, because the Georgia Lotto wasn't a fan of how 'playful' it was. 

The Lotto is a serious game! This commercial was a cartoon! So, the Agency came back to BNS, asked for more art, and BNS came back to me and their staff artists and told us to make more art. We happily obliged.

At this point, Ben Go rallied the troops and gave us new direction! He pinpointed some references for us and gave me some cool direction. We decided that I'd stay in graphic land. It's my favorite land, I don't do 3D land at all, I'm much happier and feel nastier when I'm free-wheeling and dealing in graphic land.

Here are the next frames I made for them.

Scale. Color. Simple. Can't say I didn't get away from 'cartoon'-feel too much, but hopefully there was a sophistication in the approach. Nevertheless, I was happy with how these turned out. I had fun making them and in turn, they feel successful.

BUT, the color combination, even though I pulled it directly from the Georgia Lottery Logo, kinda totally resembled a massive worldwide brand called 'Google' apparently, who knew, so I needed to tweak the frames one last time to avoid that immediate, knee-jerk, 'Hey Justin, are you nuts? Those are GOOGLE'S colors!!' associations. Whatever! Fine!

Here are those tweaks.

Each of the games in the Georgia Lotto have a unique name and color palette. The game in which there are 750 winners has a certain name, like 'Pick 5' and the others, the games with more and more winners, those have names like 'You'll Win a Buck', 'Don't Blow This On Drugs,' and 'Better Than a Foodstamp.'

I took those games' color palettes and I introduced them into the corresponding numbers in my boards. I am happy with the last four boards in this series, not really too keen on those first two frames, but oh well, the show must go on.

And there you have it. Lots of artwork for a :30 second commercial. I don't think the Georgia Lotto went with any of these directions, after the first series was the choice of the Agency's, but that's besides the point. I am proud of the work I did for it, and when I can say that, I feel good about myself. When I come home from a studio, shove my head into the garbage disposal and flick the switch, those are the times I'm ready to hang it up.

And luckily for me, and my cat, those times are a distant memory. Because my cat's my client and I wouldn't want her to go unserved due to an owner with a penchant for shoving his head in garbage disposals.

Until next time, please continue being yourself or someone like you.