Haven't had a good nacho in some time. The hoes be taking that shit from me. All the time taking, taking, taking. Them hoes be taking all my nachos. From me.

Watching these two men drink coffee, I will admit, I am looking for an adventure. Watching them go about their daily lives, their ins and outs of politics and weather forecasts, I just don't think they're going to provide me with what I am searching for today, however.

By the by, the checks came in the mail today, which brought a smile to my face. If I have to eat one more energy bar for dinner, well, I got to admit, I wouldn't like it. I'd be miserable. More miserable than the time I sat in the rain with my new jacket on and I could tell that the new jacket wasn't meant for these conditions. It's a slick material, but it's flimsy, and flimsy doesn't hold up in light drizzies, let alone full-on, soak-em-if-ya-got-em downpours.

Rain pouring down and the only think I can think about is how badly I want to rob a bank.

Godspeed to you and to them. All of you, take your flags and declare yourselves the winner. Because nobody else will. I've lost the desire to tell you otherwise. You don't deserve the victory but at least have the decency to accept the victory with your back turned. We don't want to see your face when the award is bestowed upon you, turn away, do so before you anger my child. If my child angers, well, we're going to have some problems. I don't care what your name is, when you're around me, it's all the same.

Went on a walk today. It was a clear day, one of those that you think about when you think about clear days. It was spotless. Cloudless. And the breeze. The breeze whispered through palm trees and the big palms fron way high up would fall down because the wind would blow them down. None of them came close to hitting me, but, I could imagine.

My walk took me down the street, a few blocks away from my apartment and towards the ocean, which is around 18 blocks away. But I only went a few, not the whole 18. And I saw a woman in tights and a small top and she was doing big stretches on her lawn while another women took photographs of her.

I stopped because this is something you stop for, and watched as the woman did a big split on the ground, then pushed herself up and did a backwards hand spring into a swoopy pose of some sort. The photographer woman clicked picture after picture, clearly this was what she was looking for. I stayed a second or two too long, I suppose, because the stretchy woman double-taked my direction and I was caught. So I waved slightly, just a slight little hello, and I backpedalled and walked away.

I needed to clear my head after watching the pretzely woman. I shuddered. She was exquisite, and I found myself thinking about her longer than I should have. I then saw an older mexican woman pushing a stroller and that got me to stop thinking about the other more appealing woman.

I kept walking with my head up because you never know what you will run into around here. The traffic is very finnicky. Sometimes people driving in cars choose not to obey the street signs. And this frustrates me because they never get caught for it, at least while I'm watching. Motorists are aggressive around here and that's turned me aggressive.

Just the other day as I was driving my tiny red jeep, I drove right through a red light. It turned red way before I got to it, but nobody was around, it was late at night, and I was hammered drunk, and I drove right through it. I wasn't drunk. I was fine and I was driving like a man and that red light had it coming. Everyone always obeys it. Not me, not tonight.

I got a ticket in the mail four weeks later for an unGodly amount. I don't think the crime matched the punishment. Simple as that. Nobody was around when I went through that red, just because that camera popped up out of nowhere and snapped a photo of some guy in a car that looked like me, what's that mean.

I just remembered that I never paid that ticket. Oh boy.