Old Navy Commercial Designs with Brand New School

I recently had the goodly fortune to execute some concept art for a recent batch of Old Navy Commercials done by the lovely, talented folks at Brand New School. People don't say 'goodly' enough, but somehow, I find ways to say it too much.

Knowing how tight of a timeframe 30 seconds is, and knowing how much work went into the set behind-the-scenes, it's all kinda fascinating to see the final product. So much 'message' needs to go into every spot. There's not a wasted frame. Commercials SELL. That's the point of a commercial. And these commercials sell very well.

One of the directors, Rob Bisi, was telling me how fantastically quick and witty the actor in the 'Jeanvestment' spots, John Michael Higgins, was in every single take. He's one of those performers that can bring it every single take, he said, bring something different from the previous take, and plus the script. I'm sure he made it difficult for the editor. He can play that jovial, happy, upbeat, optimistic fun-guy so stinkin' well.

I was actually hoping this would be the first commercial that I could concept draw on AND act in, but alas, I didn't get in front of the directors ahead of time to be considered for any roles. But I definitely could have pulled down a lever in the background, or pushed one of those tiny peon carts. There's always next time, my babies.

Here's a few pieces of art I created, under BNS's direction, to aid in the actual production of the Mr.T set.

And here's the Mr. T Commercial!

Below are a few pieces I did for 'Shape Chute'

And then here's the 'Shape Chute' Spot:

All in all, I think the commercials turned out splendid. I know the timeframe is always tight on these things, and their team pulled it together, casted it, made the set, executed the factory matte painting establishing shot, and all other aspects that I don't really know about, in a few short weeks. I believe there will be a few more spots upcoming, so be on the lookout!