The 'Creep' Boobie Flash

When I was a young man I would record music videos on the VHS tape recorder. MTV was a new station, and it played music videos a lot. I'd come home from school and find the tape of the recent videos and watch some of them until it was time to do something else. And that time came pretty quickly if I was watching the dirtier videos, my mom could sense what I was doing. I was quiet. I was enthralled.

I remember one particular video by a group named TLC, comprised of three urban ladies who sang but also rapped sometimes. And this one video, it was called 'Creep' and the ladies all danced about in these jammies. Silk jammies, and the buttons were always looser than they should be, and the jammies would come open at different times, in between all of their moves.

So, the most scandalous one, she had only one button fastened. And when she did this slow-mo spin move, I caught a glimpse. I think it was my first glimpse of boobie. Catching a glimpse of a boobie, as a young pre-teen, was pretty much the greatest thing to ever happen in the world. Nothing could compare to the flesh in front of your eyes at that moment. It's right there.

And here she was, slow-motion spinning, and there it was, slow-motioning bouncing. But not really bouncing that much, because all three ladies were pretty small and petite little things.

But, listen, I could see the bottom of it when she spun. So I re-wound the tape to make sure what I was seeing was indeed what I was seeing. And yes, upon the second viewing, it was indeed a boobie.

So, that's an anecdote. I saw Chili from TLC's boobie in the 'Creep' video and I now see the irony in that statement.

You might wanna take a peek, too. I think it's still there. I actually think it was just a sports bra, but it makes for a better story if I think I discovered a flub on someone's part.
Justin Claus HarderComment