Moonrise Kingdom

Seldom do I watch trailers for films over and over. Usually, it's a one time view, a decision is made whether to see it or not, and I go about my life. We all do. And we all should.

However. When Wes Anderson's name pops up in the newsfeed with the arrival of the trailer for his new film, I jump.

He's the rare filmmaker who is allowed to do whatever it is he wants, seemingly. He knows his audience, and better yet, he knows himself. Will he ever direct a big budget action movie? Probably not. Will he ever use ridiculous CG to tell his story? Nope.

And that's exactly why I, and so many others, gravitate towards this man's work. He has stories to tell, he writes them, and he makes them. Ever since Bottle Rocket in 96'. I wasn't a massive fan of 'Darjeerling Limited', but every other Anderson pic, I've watched too many times to share.

And now, with 'Moonrise Kingdom', it looks like I'll be back in theaters opening weekend. Murray. Schwartzman. Quirky music. Locked off, symmetrically composed cinematography. Dry one liners that will worm their way into my dialogue immediately.

At any rate, I digress. Have a pleasant Friday, everyone, and be nice to one another if you can't think of anything else to do.
Justin Claus HarderComment