Hangin' with Justins: Mind Reading

Flattie's discovered a new talent.

I wrote this scrip a couple years ago for a series I was wanting to shoot called 'Ed&Jim,' about two middle class men that talked on a bench outside during their lunch breaks from Corporate Job.

I wanted to shoot a quick Justins, but the scripts I've got in the que are all pretty involved, needing multiple actors and locations, and I wasn't prepared for it. So I went through a bunch of old things I've written over the years and realized that I never got around to shooting this one. After some name changes and subtle tweaks, here it is.

I find that the more I do these shorts, the more the characters become exaggerrated versions of their original selves. I never meant for Flattie to be such a goofball, or Glasses to become as insipid as he sometimes is, but as with all of us in life, they've grown and evolved into how they are.

I hope you enjoy...and stay tuned for some big ones this year.