Tee Time? Now.

I've lost the desire to be angry.
I've gained the desire for tranquility.
Peace. Quiet.
Because nobody listens anymore anyways. Do they? Does anyone listen?
I don't see it.
You've got idiots arguing on TV all the time, yelling over one another. Debating.
What a dumbass event. Debate? My debates are settled pretty quick like with a cut and a shoot.
That's right, I just attack anyone who dares argue with me.

In all unseriousness, I'm not as loud as I used to be, because I realized it doesn't matter. Why make so much noise? People are trying to sleep, read (ha), do chat roulette with their junk out.
Just keep it down already.

I saw a man punch himself in the face today on the street. Just right out of nowhere, full on deck himself in the face. Walking casually, albeit slightly jittery and twitchey, and then BAM. Right fist to right eye.

These types of events have got me to thinking about the human spirit. Look at what we can get through, as a human race. The drastic differences in people's psyche.

What would make a grown man punch himself in the face on the street. Was it a prank? I don't think so, I didn't see Kutcher anywhere with his trucker hat on. Coulda been hiding, sure, but still.

The pain of being that man. Such hate for oneself. Right?

Have you ever done something that you were absolutely ashamed of? Wondered how in the hell that you could ever do such a thing?

I have. Lots of times. Too many times.

Lies. Lying. We've all done it. No matter who you are, at some point in your life, you've lied.

And ya know why we lie? Because lying works. If you can stomach the lie, then you, my friend, have just become untouchable. I've known some fantastic liars in my day. Some of the best. I'd marvel at how easily it came to them. They'd lie about what they had for lunch. They'd lie about who their favorite sports team is.

Why would you lie about such trivial nuggets of nothing? I know why. To please people.

Liars are pleasers. They're afraid to let someone down, let them know the truth, and they want to keep the status quo, so they lie. The lie is like tape. Simply spread the lie over multiple surfaces, and it should cover you. But remember where you taped. Quickly, a lie can be forgotten about, like the clear tape sometimes is, and you might lie over a lie.

And two wrongs don't make a right, either. But four rights makes a square, so eventually, to me, if you lie enough, you'll end up right back where you started. Which isn't bad. But squares are pretty boring, they've got a rep for the mundane.

Sex. Everyone's always talking about sex, aren't they? Everybody's walking around with their stuff out, bouncing and jiggling around, bulging down low. Everyone's all horned up. I would love to see a society that doesn't think with their genitals.
Maybe that's why we're in debt? Too much money blown on our genital enhancements.

I wonder how much money is blown on enhancing our collective genital sizes every year?
Could I get that number? People love worrying about the size of their goods. Are they big enough? Small enough? Tight enough, thick enough?
My answer: probably not. But that's all-right. You hear me? It's fine.

For years I was worried about losing my hair. Oh man, I didn't want to lose my hair. I started going bald early, the year after high school, in fact.
I couldn't believe it. I was pissed. Why am I losing my hair, I would wonder. I need a wife and kids and a crappy job and the same routine before I could start losing that.

But it didn't matter. The hair wanted out, and I couldn't stop it.
Twelve years and a different person later, I simply don't care.
It's alright. It's fine. Acceptance is for quitters, I used to think. It's for simpletons.

Never accept anything in life, if you don't want to, I was told.
Don't like an outcome? Change it. Fight back. Fight the power. Never give up.

I was drowning in what I thought I should do. Drowning in other people's opinions and ideologies. Carrying bags. Bags and bags of 'shoulds.'

And 'shoulds' are heavy. Those things weigh a ton. They fat themselves on your conscience, which is already kinda feeble to begin with, and they use conscience's tiny hands to slap himself in his own face with.

Shoulds beat shouldn'ts in today's society.

Everyone gives into everything. Oh, is that the cool new thing? I want it. Let me put it on this brand new, cool phone I got that's loaded with all the cool things some cool people I know told me about.

Cool, new, hip, trendy, fresh, awesome, neat, wicked, sweet, kickass.

If something is any of that, is anything really any of it?

Should's beat Shouldn'ts.
Justin Claus HarderComment