Good, You Should.

'I would if I could,' cried the man who should
Talking of nothing but hopes and woulds
Never realizing that he, of course, could
Only thinking about how he would only 'should'

That day on the hill, he met a boy, a boy who just did
Unlike the man, whose dreams were all hid
'Of course the boy lived, he's still just a kid!'
The man just wished he could live like the boy did

The boy told the man that he, too, could
The man shook his head, there's no way that he would
The boy stood up high and shouted he should
'The only way to do is to try, and to try, you could'

The man sat down and told him to leave
The boy would not budge that easily
He pulled at the man and tugged at his shirt
'Great people try and yes, it could hurt'

'I am afraid of what people will say, okay?
You're too old, you're too weak, you're too gray!'
'No no no,' said the boy, 'you're never too old to play
Stop the excuses and stop them today!'

'We both want to do, to live and to be!'
The boy was determined to make the man see
'Just open your eyes, you can be just like me
You only live once, why not live it free?'

'Ok,' said the man, 'I'm tired of saying won't!
Haha! I will if I try, I won't if I don't!
I'll live a full life and follow my heart!'
'Good, you should,' said the boy, 'and that's how it starts.'

The boy said goodbye to the man, the man that now will
Neither will ever forget that day on the hill
You're never too old to do what you planned
Just ask the boy, he'll give you a hand.
Justin Claus HarderComment