Doritos Super Bowl Commercial Contest

Check out our Doritos Super Bowl Commercial Contest entry 'Dance of the Doritos Fairy.'


Jeff Fowler and I decided to do a commercial this year, mainly to just have some fun, see if we couldn't set a goal for ourselves, a deadline, and hit it.

I couldn't think of any good ideas, but Fowler, he came up with a doosey. 'Two words,' he told me. 'Doritos Fairy.'
I was in.

He put some feelers out for help with his work-buddies, and we got lucky enough to some bites. Chris Bedrosian stepped up big time and handled all the lighting, Derron Ross came in and knocked out some sick steady cam action, and Dan the Man killed it in post color work, rotoing and some CG tweakage.

We will see how it does. Finalists won't be announced for a month or so, which at that time will open up the voting.

If we make it that far, you can guarantee that I'll be tweeting, facebooking and promoting my happy little butt off to garner some votes for our fairy.
Justin Claus HarderComment