SpiderMan and Some Advice

Here's a little SpiderMan sketch I did this morning, hot on the heels of The Flash one I did last night.

I'm having fun drawing again. It goes in waves for me. Sometimes I'll want to draw, sometimes I'll want to write or film or act or edit. It's healthy to keep a steady balance of each, to make room for everything in your life.

Everything in moderation, right? But I'm not sure the BEST of the BEST ever listened to that motto. They found their thing, and they did it until they killed it. And then when it died, they killed it some more.

And some more.

And even when there was nothing left of the thing they first loved, nothing at all resembling what they loved about it in the first place, they killed it some more.

And then they moved on.

I was recently told to stop making my 'Hangin' with Justins' webisodes.
I was told that I needed an editor, and that I needed help in shooting.
I was pretty much wasting my time with them.

When these words left this opinionated person's mouth and hit my ears, I felt like a bully just shoved my son(that I don't have) on the playground.

Inside, I was livid. I wanted to knock this person the fuck out, honestly. And I don't even know how to do that, except I guess you just punch them in the face with your fist real hard-like.

But I let the immature, youthful Justin calm down, and I smiled at the bearer of the delightfully sour opinions.

I know I'm not an editor, never claimed to be.
I know I'm not a director of photography, never claimed to be.
I know the 'Justins' series is flippant, organic, and lots of times misses the mark, and other times just barely grazes the mark.

But I LOVE DOING THEM. And I'm going to kill them. Because that's what it will take to make them great.

At some point, I'll be done with them, and the River of Life's Interests will take me somewhere else, some foreign and undiscovered corner of curiosity that we all seem to find sooner or later. That's what the River of Life does. It moves on.

But until that day comes, I'm going to keep making them.

So, I thanked this person for their advice, and I moved on.

They're going to make fun fodder for an upcoming episode, 'ADVICE FROM AGENTS'

Oh, and one more thing:
Instant gratification is a loathsome bitch, honestly. Beware her appeal. Lord knows I can't.
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