The Flash (Do your one thing BEST)

Show of hands out there for fans of the mid-90's short-lived television series 'The Flash'?

Hmmm...not seeing too many hands.

But I've got 'em both up right now, which makes typing tricky.

I've always thought The Flash got slighted in the 'superpower' department, though. So what, he can run fast. So can Superman. And you can shoot Superman in the eye with a bullet and he won't even blink. You shoot The Flash in the eye and he'll not only blink, his head will explode.

That is, if you could shoot him in the eye, which, of course, you couldn't. Because, ya know, he's too freaking fast to be shot in the face by a silly bullet.

But is that enough? Is that enough to be a world class superhero? I don't know anymore.

Ya can't catch the guy, that's for sure. But there's no super human strength, no flying ability, no laser eyes, no metal claws, no spider web slinging ability for climbing.

Seems like The Flash is a bit of a one-note superhero, if ya ask me. But maybe that's why I dig him so much. He may only have one thing, but godammit, he does it THE BEST.

How many people out there can say they do their one THING, the BEST. I can't, that's for sure. Our current society tells us that we need keep it varied, be a 'jack of all trades, master of none.'

The Flash says 'EFF THAT, childrens. I'm going to run, and when I say RUN, I mean really effing RUN. And if I ever have to pick something up that's crushing someone, or catch something from landing on someone, well, I'm just going to run to Superman's house and get his ass to do it cause that's what his ass does.'
Justin Claus HarderComment