Teen Choice Awards 2011 Designs

Hello there! I was asked by Blur Studios in Venice, CA to design some surfboards for the Teen Choice Awards this year. The surfboards are their version of Oscars, pretty much, they're the trophies of the whole shi-bang.

Teen Choice's direction was different this year than in the past. They wanted to 'up' age themselves, rid their brand and look of the palm trees, hawaiin leis, tribal tattoo action and sunbursts. Simple, clean, mature. Teens can handle it nowadays. I couldn't agree more.

They wanted mature, and they came to the right guy. I'm so mature it hurts sometimes.

So, I watched this year's telecast of the ceremony and saw that while they didn't choose my exact design, I can definitely see that some of my designs inspired their final look.

Enjoy and cowabunga, dudes!

And here are the final boards from the awards show!