Celebrated my 31st birthday at Disneyland yesterday with my parents.
We're big fans of the Disney. And not only that, I'm a massive fan of STAYING a fan of Disney.

We bumped into Peter Pan and Wendy and I immediately knew I had to get a picture with them. See, I made a short film earlier this year that I called 'STAY PETER' and is basically about not letting go of your dreams, no matter how old you become, or how many people tell you to.

So, in a way, STAY PETER is my mantra. You can use it too, anytime you feel yourself becoming a 'grown up' or having to deal with a lot of big, important decisions in your life that get you stressed or anxious or frustrated.

Anytime you are overwhelmed by this massive world we live in, just remember to STAY PETER. Keep your chin up and give 'em hell.