I've had an angular mindset lately. Relationships of shape and color cutting through the space in which they reside, lines and flat color dividing the canvas, creating pathways and depth.

Here are a few recent exercises. I spent no longer than 10 minutes on each one. I feel it necessary to not linger on the work, I find abstract modern art very unforgiving in that way. You don't continue to run a race once it's complete. It's done, you move on.

The problem is is that it gets difficult to know when you're done when you're working abstractly. Some will finish when they say what they wanted to say. Unfortunately, as they're saying one thing, they might think up another.

The ending is not finite, it's a mere resting point along the way to another resting point, which then might become the end. Nothing is ever finished in modern art, or in life, but pieces can be overworked.

Help me if I ever overwork anything.