Hangin' with Justins: Girls

Flattie Justin and Glasses Justin rarely agree on anything. Where to find ladies is no exception.

I shot this on the Canon 60D with their stock 18-135mm lens and then a 50mm for the closeups. Shooting this short and seeing the difference in the quality of footage really has thrown some wood on my fire. Not that the fire needed it, but I think all of our fires need a little poking every once in awhile, and seeing possibilities does exactly that for me.
I now want to take my time with these things...write, and re-write. Tighten the screws until it can't get any tighter. Color correct the footage. Tweak the audio. Basically, really make a product of quality.
And when I can't seem to do any of that right, I'll just post it and go get some Sonic.
Cause honestly? Enough already.