No More Writey

Hello, devoted, semi-devoted and un-devoted followers to this blog.
I'm going to take a little break from writing blogs here so that I can focus on script writing.
Not a long break, hopefully, but just a small hiatus.
I'll still post videos, inspiration, things I like and hope you like, too.

And I'll tweet still-

And if you get an urge to read some silly anecdotes, please read the book I wrote.
Almost Genious

Thanks for the memories, blogger. I'll see you soon. And now for some normal, regular, cliche' break-up lines-

It's not you, it's me.
I'll always care for you, but I just need to be friends now.
Your friend is hotter and we've been hooking up for awhile now.
I can't stand your laugh or smile and you always walk ahead of me.
I would have loved you more if you wouldn't have been such a raving beotch.
I think we need to go separate ways. Like me to Happy Land and you to Hell.
I never liked your family but your mom and I kissed once.