When Push comes to Shove

This is what happens when Push comes to Shove.

'Hey, Shove. What's new?' said Push.

'Oh, you know, the usual. Just doin' a lot of shovin',' Shove said back.

'Well, it's what you do best,' says Push.

'Yea I know, and one day, you'll do it as good as I do.'

'I look forward to that day, Shove, I really do.'

That's what happens when Push comes to Shove.

Hello people out there. How many times has Push come to Shove in your life? My guess is, quite a few times. Standing in lines, waiting in traffic, crowds at bookstores, morning coffee at Starbucks, conference calls, meetings at work.

There are certain individuals on this planet that get off on being Pushers and Shovers. By nature, these folks push everything onto you. They push their ideas, they push their lifestyle, they push themselves.

Pushing the product. And in the city of my current residence, LA, 'Pushing' is the main export.

It's like McDonald's. Bland, overproduced, unhealthy, everywhere.

I've never been and will never be a pusher. This might be both a good and bad thing, because depending on who you ask, there are certain areas in life when you need to be a pusher in order to reach goals. People set goals for themselves, and in order to attain some of them, you might need to do some pushing.

But knowing when those times are means everything.

Most pushers and shovers have no clue. They push all the time, in every aspect of their lives. Constantly pushing, which eventually comes to shoving. And getting shoved is the worst. I'll never push. I'll never shove.
You have my word, dedicated reader of my blog.

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Oh come on, that was a 'prod.'
I'm a prodder.